White Noise App Reviews

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I pass all the day running away from these annoying sounds... Not very helpful for me.

love it

really love this app, even better with the mix of different sounds. some of the sounds could have a longer loop, but otherwise nothing to complain!


I love love love this app. It helps me study and my favorite is the sound of the beach waves crashing. Highly recommend!

Great App.

Bank of 40 non intrusive white noise is most excellent.... Certainly recommend it.

Excellent app!

It really helps me to unwind and rest myself. However, I did notice that it uses up quite a bit of RAM. Its not an issue per se, but, if you can find a way to effectively lower the RAM useage, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, great app!


This app is amazing. I find it hard to work without background noise and this provides just enough with out being distracting. I also find it provides a meditative state while using it while working.

Great app

Thank you so much developpers! Because of you, I will not fail my philosphy exam! Serously, it helps me study, write. I love it, and so will you!


Although this app may be viewed as simple by some people, this is probably one of my most used apps. Im a university student, and this is exactly what I need to block out the subtle, yet annoying sounds of other students talking and such. A huge thanks to the developer(s)! BTW, if you ever make this cost money, or come out with some sort of "full" or "exclusive" version, Ill defs buy. This kind of simple but useful software is what deserves to make money. This can only improve from here! Thanks!

3-5, But its still great!

This app is useful for exactly what it advertises. But not much more then that. Its the app for apps in my opinion. I would use it when i need to concentrate on doing a long computer relatd project and could not stand the ambience of the room i was in. So 3 stars if you ask me.

Handy App.

Works as advertised. This app. is actually a handy thing to have on your Mac. Soothing sounds whenever one might require a relaxing distraction. I recommend this app. Works fine.

Great App!

Love this app! The only suggestion I would have for future updates/versions of the app is to have large images that rotate and accompany the sound! Other than that, fantastic app! So relaxing!

White Noise

Its amazing to see here all the things mom used to use to put me to sleep as a kid! The Vacuum cleaner and clothes dryer still work like a charm!


I love the update. Side bar good for faster selection. Noises are great and the mix pad adds an interesting twist. Really helps me sleep and study. Great job! Keep it up!!!

My first 5 stars ever given.

LOVE the App. Does exactly what I need it to do. Use it daily to help me stay focused on my University studies. Really enjoy the Mixing that was added. Make it available for BlackBerry! :)

great app!

thank you! i have a home office and really appreciate the calm and focus this app allows through the dog playing with her toys, the construction next door, etc etc.

cat purring

I previously used a brown noise generator over the Internet. It was free but required an Internet connection. I tried this and was surprised and thrilled to discover the sound of a purring cat. Its not only a great sound for distraction but also is soothing and pleasing to me. I listen with headphones so when I tried some of the sounds I did notice the end of the sound loop. That can be distracting for me but with the cat purr I can live with it. It would be great if the sounds could be cleaned up more to remove everything extraneous and the detectable restart of the loop.

Whitenoise I could review this app if I could hear some sounds and your instructions were clear

I have paid for this app but can’t seem to get any sound Just does not want to work for me.

Updated version is really nice.

Thanks for the recent update. Mixing sound feature is really great. I enjoy mixing different environmental sound.



good app :-)

I use when the working, reading and meditation. Classic music is also good music, but would out likes and dislikes, there is also a person that is good usability of the natural sound and environmental sound, I like.

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